Why use a migration agent?
Is TEP the right agent for me?

Below are a number of reasons why we believe it is beneficial to use a migration agent.

We understand the law

Australian immigration law is incredibly complex and it changes frequently. Using a migration agent maximizes your chances of a successful outcome, as you are dealing with a professional with proven knowledge of Australian migration law. We know the law, the complexities and criteria applicable to presenting an immigration application and we know how to best compile, prepare and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Experience that saves you money

An application to migrate to or remain in Australia is not just a matter of filling in forms. Filling in the wrong forms, or using the wrong job code can result in an application being rejected. Sometimes there are multiple visa options for a business or visa applicant. We have saved businesses a considerable amount by ensuring they apply for the correct visa category and also providing a service to ensure they continue to comply with visa obligations.

A portion of our work is ‘rescuing’ applicants who have attempted to lodge a visa, but have been tripped up at some stage of the process, or have received a request for additional information that they don’t know how to handle. Sometimes we can rescue them, sometimes the mistake is incurable, but normally the cost is higher than a business or visa applicant would pay if they got the correct advice up front.

Using a migration agent can reduce problems experienced with an application and also delays associated with a lack of knowledge of immigration law and policy. Migration agents are able for most visa categories to lodge ‘decision ready’ applications where we receive priority processing, often saving around 6 months in waiting for your visa to be approved.

Excellent success rate

We have an extremely high success rate (over 99.99%) in all visa categories and maintaining this is important to us. If we don’t believe your visa application will be approved, or if we anticipate any problems with the application, we will most certainly communicate this with you.

Qualified Registered Agents with combined 25 years experience who are members of MIA

Both TEP agents are qualified in migration law and registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). We keep a professional library, which immediately allows us access to law (Act, Regulations and Policy) at a moment’s notice. Agents have a strict code of conduct and are required to maintain a professional practice with mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Both agents complete more than the mandatory CPD every year to ensure they stay abreast of the law and recent changes. The agents have a combined experience totaling over 25 years in the profession.

The TEP agents are active members of the Migration Institute of Australia – the professional association for Australian migration service providers.

More than one agent so that there is always someone to assist you

TEP has two agents and four senior administrators, with one admin team member half way through the course in migration law. Whenever you call an agent or senior administrator will be available to help you.

Knowledge of equine and rural industries developed over 20 years with international network partners

The agents and staff at TEP have extensive skills, qualifications and work experience in many aspects of rural industries. In addition for the last 14 years we have been working with similar business all over the world. Our are current international network partners are located in USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary, The Netherlands, Japan and Brazil.

We can provide you with advice about you on YOUR case specifically

There is a LOT of information on the internet regarding migration to Australia. This information can come from the immigration website and independent websites. This is general information only and is never about your personal situation.

While these sources can be a good way to get general information about visa categories, you need to be very cautious about relying on this information as it applies to your own case. Even the advice from the immigration department needs to be taken with caution – often information among different government agencies differs widely and they will never advise about your specific case. DIAC officers are also not able to legally give migration advice and while they may have excellent experience in one or more visa categories, they are not required to study migration law and therefore often have a limited knowledge of all visa categories.

It is also important to remember that simply publishing information on the internet does not make the information accurate – there is a lot of bad information out there!

The only way a quality application can be lodged on your behalf is if your specific situation is analyzed in detail by someone who understands the law fully. As agents we will go through all of your personal circumstances and will recommend the best approach based on your personal goals and expectations.

We understand how important this is to you

One of our agents and one senior administrator have themselves been through the migration process and understand the importance of each and every application – they understand it is not just paperwork, it is your life.

Potentially with every visa application you only have one chance of success, and if you fail at that attempt it can close many doors. We know how important it is to get it right, the first time, because we understand the ramifications of getting it wrong.
27 May 2019
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