Our Values

TEP holds certain values at the core of their day to day business. These are –

  • To promote the growth of people; 
    To consistently reach beyond our boundaries, always looking forward to the future and working for the good of those we affect;
    To promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded on the basis of their efforts and ideas, with regard to their culture; 
    To know that when we win, it should be a win for those we work for;
    To always use integrity & honesty as a foundation for all of our decisions, actions, recommendations, submissions and communication; 
    To use initiative and take action to look at ways of improving ourselves and our technique.
  • TEP is at the forefront of what we do in Australia and internationally due to the strict maintenance of the above vision and values. They are also what will carry us into the future.
27 May 2019
Changes to Regional Visa Pathways
Changes to regional visas coming in November 2019.